Automotive software development services

We build agile solutions that offer flexibility driven by the cloud and open APIs

Automotive Software Development

Software development is a core competence of Elephans. Elephans has been successfully delivering end-to-end software projects for in-vehicle systems, as well as we’ve been developing complex data platforms for autonomous driving ecosystem overall.

Automotive Software Testing

Our quality control and testing methodology fully complies with industry standards and is never compromised. We test every single line of code, whether by setting up a simulated environment, on real hardware, or in the field using real cars. To increase the quality of software and shorten the development lifecycle, we implement cloud-based DevOps, which allows for automated testing and continuous delivery.

UI/UX Design

Our driver-centric approach to designing and building human machine interface (HMI) systems used by millions of drivers has resulted in what Top Gear calls “remarkably stress-free navigation software.” We conduct meticulous user research to optimize all aspects of the driving experience for every user. Our target is to shorten driver response times, improve human–vehicle interactions, and augment the user experience with mobile features.

Big Data and Data Processing

Elephans has extensive expertise in building big data processing platforms for automotive companies. We know how to process massive loads of in-vehicle data, sensor data, and real-time traffic data. Our data visualization expertise allows us to create meaningful analytics dashboards for faster decision-making.

DevOps and Cloud-based Development

We create solutions in compliance with GDSN as well as GDRP, ADA, At Elephans, we apply our DevOps approach to development to help automotive companies get the most out of high-performing cloud environments. We ensure scalability, continuous improvement, and greater efficiency for automotive software by using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud services., and other accepted standards.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Elephans uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services to build in-vehicle intelligence, provide smart routing, enable object and pedestrian recognition, and reinforce predictive decision-making. Adopting ML and AI ensures better environmental predictions, resulting in safer connected and autonomous vehicles.


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