Cloud development

Cloud Application Services


Build and run your serverless application to obtain capacity and flexibility:

IaaS / SaaS / PaaS
Big Data


We determine and implement the best migration strategy to conduct transition to the cloud:

Project Security Strategy Creation
Large Databases Migration
Application Re-hosting
Application Re-architecting


To reduce overall cloud expenses we evaluate your existing cloud infrastructure, identify overprovisioning or under-utilized resources:

Architecture Audit
Security Audit
Cost Optimization
Legacy Infrastructure Upgrade

What we do

Cloud for organizations is a safe store, that allows sharing data from anywhere. It helps to significantly reduce time to market and improves continuity of service. The Elephans team will help you deliver more value to your customers.

Cloud Native Development

Experts help in optimizing project workloads and governing usage of existing cloud resources. Multiple levels allow for building cloud-native methodologies: microservices, domain-driven design, behavior-driven design, etc.

Cloud Hybrid Development

We combine public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources to achieve the agility required for a competitive advantage.

Security Audit

Help to check your project and security infrastructure for vulnerabilities and potential problems. Experts provide risk management and protection from real-world attack techniques.

Cloud Migration

Ready to support your business at any stage of the journey, from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Security, flexibility, and confidentiality during the work process are guaranteed.

Backup and Recovery

The team takes care of your infrastructure or application maintenance needs required to maintain business processes and guarantees regular backups of your client base.


Work with software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Each of them makes it possible to save on equipment and protect your confidential information from hacking and theft.

Application Re-architecting

Provide a sophisticated approach and complex services to re-architecting business processes and apps by using service-oriented (or serverless) architecture to boost agility or improve business continuity.

Cloud Consulting

Organize business transformation with innovative cloud applications. Engineering expertly and providing detailed advice at every stage of the transition.

Application Support

The team upgrades and maintains your cloud application seamlessly, providing complete cloud application support services.


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