Customer Relationship Management

Elephans is committed to delivering high-quality custom IT solutions. Elephans delivers business and technology innovation by using a cross-functional, workshop-driven methodology to leverage industry best practices and academic research excellence, and has supported large and complex enterprise systems for extended periods by designing efficient, low-risk processes for software support, maintenance and enhancement.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes the customer THE ‘center’ of enterprise’s processes, workflows and activities.

Technical Capabilities

Our ERP services range from managing the ERP system, upgrades, migrations, configurations, implementation, maintenance and support and security related services.

People Capabilities

Elephans professionals have deep experience of developing large and complex enterprise resource planning software solutions in outsource delivery model.

Our CRM/ERP services

Strategic Consulting

CRM is more than just software; it’s the company-wide business strategy which is directly aligned with the company’s objectives and goals. An effective CRM system brings information from all departments together.

Implementation & Customization

CRM implementations are more business than technology driven. At Elephans, we understand that Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Services are critical business areas and a CRM implementation has to be seamless, unified and structured to add value and strength to all three.

Data Transformation and Migration Services

Data Quality is a key to any CRM’s usability and success. If clean and relevant data is not migrated properly, no matter how smooth an implementation runs, users will be reluctant to use and rely on the solution.


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