Data science

Improve your sales by personalizing of the content

Design a recommendation engine

We can design a recommendation engine to increase the sales with ML algorithms and collaborative or content-based filtering. Our experts applying machine learning models such as FAISS, NMSLIB for similarity search. Your customers shall be happier with relevant product offers, personalized web-page content and promo offers.

Build an opportunity or threat scoring

We can build an opportunity or threat scoring for customers and products, so your sales team can design and optimize business strategy accordingly their efforts priority. Our experts perform cutting edge resampling algorithms (SMOTE & Tomek links, ADASYN) to handle imbalanced data, when outcomes of interest are very rare. Also, we use modern unsupervised learning algorithms such as HDBSCAN for automated clustering and segmentation.

Create a model

Besides, we can create a model to make your communication with customers stellar. Trained to detect attitude markers and recognize your customers’ mood, the model will signal your sales team if a particular customer experiences negative emotions. Also using Gradient Boosting techniques we can extract the most influent features for these changes.


With our data engineers on board, you can create centralized, scalable fault-tolerant Data Lake, which will be integrated into your infrastructure. We’ll clean the data and help to create ETL pipelines and streams that store your information in a Data Warehouse. Our data scientists and analysts are able to create AI-models for Your business needs. Results of modelling and forecasting our business intelligence experts will transform in well-structured visualization which will help your decision-makers to comprehend business-critical information..

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Yandex Cloud

Libraries & Frameworks

TensorFlow, Keras
NLTK, Gensim, SpaCy, DeepPavlov
CatBoost, XGBoost, LightGBM
Scikit-Learn, SciPy, SimPy

Databases & DWH

BigQuery, Athena, Redshift, ClickHouse MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL MongoDB, DocumentDB, BigTable Redis, Memorystore, ElastiCache


Google Cloud Storage
Yandex Object Storage
Hadoop HDFS

API for models

Google AI Platform ModelsProject Management
Google Cloud Functions
Google Cloud Run
AWS Lambda
Yandex Cloud Functions


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