Devops services

There are 3 groups of typical problems related to testing

Long delays

Ineffective communication between QA and Dev teams? Long and irrational resource allocation? Different teams flip the doubt onto each other?

Сan’t diagnose production problems operatively

The team doesn’t have the ability to quickly identify the problem? Waiting too long for a fix in the production environment?

Take care of project efficiency

Slow operation of the system prevents users from receiving quality service? Due to performance problems, no ability to connect new customers?

What we do

We build agile solutions that offer flexibility driven by the cloud and open APIs

Continuous integration

Effectively creating useful and usable UI/UX design for software products on any stage. Visual, interaction and information design that provide better accessibility.

Disaster recovery planning

Implement the policy of business continuity. Check recovery plans before any incidents occur.


Monitor not only technical metrics but also app performance indicators that are important for your business.

Configuration management

Manage the configuration by version: describe the infrastructure as code. This allows us to minimize the risk of human error, adds automation for routine activities, and reduces the cost of maintenance.


Elephans’s team of experts applies DevSecOps in our daily work and introduces safe development practices.


Experts can find and fix bugs in the infrastructure, as well as provide full assistance to developers.

Architecture improvements

Changing the architecture. As your project grows, you need to promptly adapt and change your application architecture to meet your business requirements.

Cost optimization

Optimize the cost of technical solutions with cloud providers. Our specialists know how to make infrastructure scalable and secure.

Knowledge sharing

Training developers in DevOps practices. Developers will know how the application works outside their computers.


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