Eminently suitable for Enterprises

Customers who trust us with their transformation and application of new approaches rely on more than 13 years of global experience in production and the best practices by Elephans employees for various production and operational processes. With in-depth knowledge of how your specific processes work and experience that allows you to combine the right technical solutions with your manufacturing needs, we can help your company better streamline processes, work more efficiently and, ultimately, gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

We provide Enterprise software development services

The choice of a specific technology or approach is based on the analysis of the problem, proposing the optimal solution and its implementation on the basis of parameters agreed with the client.

IoT & Analytics

Industrial Internet of Things allows manufacturers to work more efficiently

AI & ML Development

We create models using machine learning methods to help predict and optimize

Digital Twin

It is a very accurate virtual model of either the product or the process

Planning of processes

We offer approaches that automate the collection of data at your manufacturing

Sales Force

We use the full potential of Salesforce to improve our collaboration

Energy IP

Once you understand how much energy you consume, we will find ways to optimize

Why your competitors choose ELEPHANS

We build agile solutions that offer flexibility driven by the cloud and open APIs

Extensive industry knowledge

According to Online Learning Consortium, the proportion of students enrolled in online courses exceeds 25% of the total number of trainees and continues to increase. Therefore, we are implementing the key principles of ID to maximize the involvement of students of all age groups and levels of training.

Cross-domain expertise

Every year we confirm our high qualifications by building eCommerce applications for such industries as Healthcare, FinTech, TelCo, Supply Chain. In order for you to be head and shoulders above your competitors, our developers also introduce AR and VR in eCommerce products using the latest IoT achievements to build a new buying experience.

Transparent projects

Scrum / Kanban methodologies applied by our engineers provide the possibility of high development speed and project flexibility. Daily communication with the team ensures complete control over the work progress at each stage of product development.

Excellent code quality

Our code meets CISQ requirements by default, which means that by ordering eCommerce development, you receive a secure, reliable, scalable, and easily maintainable solution.


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