Quality assurance

There are 3 groups of typical problems related to testing

No testing

Are your Dev/BA/PM/PO teams involved in testing? Have you caught any defects after your product release? Where I can get beta testers for my app?

No testing process

QA team provided testing but you didn’t get any test documentation? The work of the test team is not structured and has no any strategy?

Not enough resources

Onsite / outsource testing team doesn’t have enough time to provide effective testing? Too many open tasks for testing in Dashboard? Thinking about outsourced QA testing services?

Our services

We are software testing services company providing the following

QA Audit

Make a major impact on your application quality and make significant cost savings on the development process of your software with QA Audit.

QA Consultancy

Reduce testing budgets and product timelines by having a QA Consultancy.

Test Management

Turn testing into a high-quality and cost-effective process without losing overall control.

Documentation services

Get a more structured and effective QA service with full documentation support.

On-Demand Testing Services

Get on-demand testing for products with tight release deadlines.

Automation Testing

Reduce overall QA costs and enjoy benefits from faster time-to-market as the result of test automation.

System & Platform Testing

Take advantage of full-cycle testing of products on any platform.

Focused Type of Testing

Get specialized testing of your product to be sure it is demanded in a highly competitive market.

Performance Testing

Grow your product and the number of active users with no fear of overload or rejection.


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