Elephans MVP Development Process

1. Share the details of your idea with us

Features of algorithmic decision-making help our customers to optimize logistics in a matter of seconds.

2. Discovery phase and project planning

We create solutions in compliance with GDSN as well as GDRP, ADA, PCI, and other accepted standards.

3. Design & Development

With IoT integrated to supply chain software, identification of technical issues can be completely automated.

4. MVP launch & feedback collecting

Effectively creating useful and usable UI/UX design for software products on any stage. Visual, interaction and information design that provide better accessibility.

5. Post-launch

The team of experts works with all three levels of support for your business or corporate infrastructure. They provide 24/7 system monitoring and all support channels: phone, email, instant messenger, etc.Fa

Why do you need MVP product development?

Idea validation’s sprints

An MVP helps to find out how effectively your core features solve customer’s pains. And it allows you to change a strategy earlier if hypotheses will fail.

Faster launch on the market

MVP development goes rapidly and iteratively. It gives you the possibilities to promote a product and look for customers early on.

Budget-friendly investments

An MVP saves you money at the start point. Hence, you can focus on customer development rather than spending money on coding.

Risk mitigation development

Software development is a complex process that is full of risks in each step. The development of an MVP is a proven way to mitigate most of the common risks. What you get at different MVP development stages


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