Supply chain

Contemporary supply chain software development

Our services help customers keep the highest positions in the most competitive markets. Turning to Elephans, customers need to solve hundreds of issues. There is a scope of some benefits that customers get from our custom supply chain management software:

Reduced operating costs

Our procurement applications are scalable and flexible enough to allow minimizing customer’s expenses in several clicks.

Easier inventory management

Our solutions contain integrated modules that are used for determining optimal inventory levels across the supply chain.

Seamless collaboration with supplier community

Using a custom ERP system, suppliers can easily navigate within the application and quickly respond to changes.

Advanced control

Cloud-based custom supply chain management software allows tracking inventory in real time across any device with a connection to the internet.

Supply chain software development for the world’s best logistics

Our team delivers solutions that allow solving any issues associated with cargo delivery and transport of goods. Therefore, our clients are industry leaders that aim to take root on the world market. There are some of our clients:





Why logistics companies turn to ELEPHANS

High standards of quality in conjunction with an ultimate experience make us top company for custom supply chain management software development. We concentrate on the efficiency of every solution and seek to achieve the best possible ROI for customers.

01 Predictive analytics is included

Features of algorithmic decision-making help our customers to optimize logistics in a matter of seconds.

02 Industry-compliant products

We create solutions in compliance with GDSN as well as GDRP, ADA, PCI, and other accepted standards.

03 Clearly defined data

With IoT integrated to supply chain software, identification of technical issues can be completely automated.

04 Deep expertise in SCM

Development of GPS tracking software, fleet management apps, and transportation management systems enable us to deliver solutions that our customers really need.

05 Intelligence-driven approach

As supply-chains and logistics require real-time data analysis, modern software is being built to most effectively automate processes.


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