With the dialogues, ELEPHANS supports the active and open exchange of information within the company. During informal workshops and talks, exciting and new topics are presented and discussed. The organization operates through offer and demand. Employees suggest topics, provided the feedback is accordingly, the topic will be presented as a ELEPHANS dialogue. Everybody is welcome to get involved – as part of the audience or as speaker.

The aim of the dialogue is in addition to the professional presentation and discussion to strength the ELEPHANS community. The talks take place during lunch break. Our employees used the time to establish and develop contacts among each other and expanded the ELEPHANS knowledge network.


By providing trainings, the ELEPHANS Academy gives the employees a flexible continuing education offer. Every employee is encouraged to specifically broaden his/her knowledge and to share it with his/her colleagues. During in-house trainings, employees with high expert knowledge in a particular area act as trainer, in order to pass their knowledge on to the colleagues. During external trainings, new knowledge is built up, which can subsequently be applied in projects.

The definition of the subjects is carried out in close cooperation with the company departments and always orients itself to projects, enquiries, individual wishes, market developments and last, but not least, to the corporate strategy.


In the framework of further education at ELEPHANS, we offer our employees a broad range of certification possibilities (for example Project Management, Software Developer / Architecture, Scrum, Requirements Engineering, Business Process Management as well as Systems Engineering).

Depending on project requirements and personal development aims, career paths defined during regular employee reviews. Together with the respective employee, we work towards achieving the defined targets.


To be able to persist in a rapidly advancing technology sector, an advanced in knowledge is necessary. That is why ELEPHANS Academy takes care of the entire knowledge in our corporation, its securing, transfer, and further development.

In close cooperation with all company and specialist areas, ELEPHANS Academy aligns its schedule individually and flexibly to the needs and wishes of our employees. It thereby offers you the opportunity to always be on the latest level of knowledge.

Our clients, as well as our employees, benefit from this interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. To our clients it guarantees that our employees deliver high quality, give innovative impulses and can always resort to the knowledge network of ELEPHANS consultants. To our employees, it offers the possibility to further their personal development, to broaden their knowledge horizon and to share their knowledge with others.